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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Midnight Magic

There's going to be very little knitting in the Casa de Boy-O today, friends.
The hubster's birthday is Tuesday, but since he's got the weekend off, I gave him his present early:

Yup - that's the shiny (relatively) new PDA he's been lusting after for a while. Here's a close up:

It was a pretty good eBay score (if I do say so myself) and came with many key accessories, which made for a very happy Boy-O. The only down side was (and this is a quote): "Can I suck up my pride and use a (dramatic pause) Windows device?"

the hubster and I also received a mystery gift - a pizza stone and a fabulous wooden cutting board that were on our registry, but no longer available on line. Unfortunately, there was no return address on the package (just the store's information)! So, whomever you are, (Mom-O?) thank you! We'll be making pizza this weekend.

Since it was a day for presents, last night Boy-O and I endured this:

And this:

To get this:
My long-awaited birthday gift. Thank you, dearest one.
Ignore that bookmark that's about a third of the way through. I did not stay up half the night reading it. Really. What kind of a non-grown-up do you think I am?
(LOL - it's pretty good so far!)


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