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Friday, July 15, 2005

Gotta Run for Shelter

As I'm sure y'all know, it's Too. Darn. Hot. We can't even stand to breathe in our (poorly-ventilated) apartment. So the free passes we got to this movie last night (with their lovely, lovely AC) last night were gratefully received.
There were moments of real beauty in this movie, though I did not find myself as transported as M. Ebert. The air conditioning, however, was transcendent. ;-O

As for the knitting, it progresses sloooowly. After seeing all the excellent versions of Grumperina's fabulous Tivoli T, I wanted to make one, but I'm not ready to commit - the stash documentation project is making me realize just how much yarn I still have (even after I was able to clear out perhaps a fourth of the original supply by gifting it to the Mom-O).
And I'm impatient, besides - so instead, I am testing out the shaping on my purple recycling project:

Oh, cotton yarn, how you frustrate me. Especially when it comes to decreases: I always discover a gap that I'm not able to consistently tame. I've tried tightening up my gauge, changing the way I decrease, but nothing's worked yet. Fortunately, this is an experimental project and I can let go of my freaky perfectionism.


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