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Monday, July 11, 2005

Growing Pains

I have discovered, to my horror and amazement, that I am old.
Now, I certainly hadn' t expected to discover such a thing for at least a good thirty years, but somehow, the state of fuddy-duddy has crept in on me. Our trip to the Megamall was the final proof.

Ways In Which I know I am An Old Fart:
1) I commented at least ten times to the Boy-O about the ridiculous shortness of skirts on assorted teen-aged girls. (Boy-O, by the way, thoroughly agrees with me on that score -- and also that if you're in the double digits, you shouldn't wear ruffles across your ass. Especially when you are wearing a capelet as a skirt.)

2) Everything was too bright, too loud and too overexposed.
Trend of the fall season? Boleros. Shiny, lacy, sparkly - you name it, they had it. After the seventh shop window with the little jackets in them, I said "Enough. I get it already." The new poncho* has appeared.

3) When I picked up the Fall issue of Interweave Knits, I complained mightily about the arty photography to the Boy-O. Now, I appreciate art as much as the next gal, but dang it, if I can't see the stitch pattern on the knitted coat, I'm not gonna be tempted to make it. I don't care about the dang green bag (on which the focus was razor sharp -- grrr) - show me the knitting!

I bought this issue specifically for Kate Gilbert's fantastic cover sweater, but was pleasantly surprised by a couple of other items (I loved the weekend bag and Teva Durham's lush cardi jacket - which was also out of focus!) and the awesome article on shibori knitting. I woudl love to spend some time playing around with this technique. Anyone know of any examples on the web?

*Speaking of which, Lion Brand is looking for folks to wear the Martha poncho at a taping of her new show (!). Oy.


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