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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Over Hill, Over Dale, Over Dye

These days, when I'm not swatching for things I can't show you, I'm dyeing. I am absolutely entranced by the process, and am thrilled to discover what I can do with drink mix and food coloring.
I would love to explore acid dyes in a serious way, but since I'm doing it all in my kitchen, at the moment, I need everything to be food safe. Someday I think I will -- perhaps when we are child free.
But there is much to learn, and surprisingly sophisticated effects can be had with these materials, so I've no cause for complaint. It does mean, however, that no skein is safe in my clutches.

Ably assisted by my sidekick:

I took this:

And did this:

While my assistant enjoyed the fruits of her labors:

Mmmm. Tasty, tasty paper. Much more fun than winding yarn into skeins, I'm sure.

Later, I also did this:

Which didn't have the result I wanted. I'd added a good deal of black to the recipe, in order to deepen the color. Black dyes, I've learned, tend to 'break' - separate into their component colors and it did, but the results weren't quite what I was going for.
So I went back to the dyepot:

Overdyed my overdye, and came up with this:

I'm pretty pleased.



  • Looks wonderful. Your assistant is so helpful. ; )

    By Blogger Beulah, at 6:10 PM  

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