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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

There and Back Again

Popping in for a quick update. The last few weeks have been quite full with family and friends and food (oh, Thanksgiving, how I love you). Though there is still quite a bit of sadness at the loss of my grandma, there are things for which I am grateful:
  • My mama - she's so determined not to be "one of those mothers" (bossy, interfering, etc.).
    It completely cracks me up.
  • Finally getting my cornbread dressing just the way I want it. Perfection has eluded me for the past five years - and now it's mine. (Mwa-ha-ha!)
  • Pork (specifically bacon, prosciutto, and Speck). It has been a lifesaver over the last 8 1/2 months. Sometimes it's the only thing I can eat.
  • Being very close to my due date! I am so excited to meet this kid.
  • Dear, sweet Boy-O. The look on his face when he realizes anew just how close we are to parenthood is unbeatable.
    (Having watched him with the niece and nephew for the past six months, I have far more faith in him than I think he does in himself. He will rock as Daddy-O.)
  • Friends who like yarn as much as I do. Last Saturday, I got some grownup hang time with a lovely woman I don't see nearly enough of. It was wonderful. Must remember to schedule more of that!
I'm happy to be back, and will try to keep the yarn-related content first and foremost.
Right now, I'm so grateful for the joy in this very full life.



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