The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Unbelievably, I started a sweater about a month ago that hasn't seen the light of day on this blog. Here, my puppy girl and I record the progress for posterity.

Bel and me under the cherry tree.

This one started when I was swatching for a work project, and realized how much I enjoy this particular cable. It's easy to execute (mostly w/o a cable needle) yet it looks really good. I'm especially enjoying this project because it's been really spontaneous. Most decisions have been made by the "Huh. Looks good. I should keep going" method.

I'll be picking up the sleeves in this darker color and working my way down.

I just cast on the saddles and started knitting, aided by my trusty beaten-up, dog-eared, broken in two pieces copy of Knitting from the Top. (Scroll waaay down on the page for that one.)

The yarn is Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann that I picked up ages ago. It is soft, easy to knit with and everyone but everyone loves the color.

I'm still not entirely certain of where I'm going with this piece, but it's been a blast finding out thus far. I can only hope that it continues to be this much fun!



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