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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I keep meaning to come back and post, but somehow, living the life keeps getting in the way of reflecting on it. It's a good problem to have, I think.

We've been busy! We're trying a container planting this year:

The children were excited about the potatoes we planted in our recycled buckets.

Watching the flowers bloom in our back yard:

This was a few days ago: the cherry blossoms have exploded like popcorn!

And introducing the baby to the wonders of sun protection:

She looks a bit  geisha-like with all that sunscreen!

I'm also working on my new project for (HMMM HMMM), which arrived safely from (XXX) in a box perfectly suited to the little one:

Boy-O & I also celebrated our 4th anniversary (I think that means we're serious about this).

And now it's Easter. I'm a total heathen, but I love holidays -- largely because they are an excuse to make a larger, fancier meal than usual. 
Today's dinner will be lamb, marinated in Greek herbs*, with eggplant moussaka and a garlicky rice. I can't wait. 

*The herbs came from our very generous neighbors down the street, who gave me practically half their bay tree and rosemary shrub. (Just another reason to love Portland.) 



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