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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been taking a wee break this week, celebrating my birthday (Boy-O took me to Le Hana -- it was *so* delicious), knitting submission swatches I can't show you, and spending some fun time with the kids (the children's museum, the mounted police, library story time). It's been a pretty good week. As always, there's never enough time in the day, but I see myself accomplishing a good bit with the knitting and that's always heartening. (Just don't ask about housework!)

My NaKniSweMoDo project is languishing due to the above swatches, so no pics -- but really, how exciting is a big blob of blue ribbing, anyway? It doesn't look like an anemone anymore, so that's a start, right? I'm fairly confident about getting it done in the next two weeks -- less if DH & I get some new Netflix.

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