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Monday, August 27, 2007

And Another Thing

Because everybody in the office gets Interweave Knits, I usually chat about it with my co-workers and don't bother to mention it here. And hardly anyone there gets Vogue Knitting (web site's still down, sorry), so I always chat it up on the blog.
But honestly, I believe the real difference between these two is styling.

Vogue, of course, tends to go toward a couture fashion spread effect, while Interweave shows off their patterns in ways and places that people might actually wear them. But I still say about 90% could go either way.

For example (note that the IK pics are theirs, swiped from their web site, whereas the VK pics were taken by me of my copy. Usual copyright jazz applies):

IK: Hedgerow Coat/VK #10

IK: Counterpane Pullover/VK #28

IK: Dickinson Pullover/VK #36

IK: Belle Cardigan/VK #39

Goodness knows, VK has definitely done little dresses like this one from the fall IK:

and IK's regularly featured hoodies like this one in Vogue.

(I have deep lust in my heart for this silk one, especially. As soon as I sell that kidney, it's on! But I digress.)

I guess because I'm a fan of both publications, I'm always surprised that people say there's nothing they'd ever make out of one or the other. I think there's always a little room for compromise there.



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