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Friday, August 24, 2007


DESPITE the title, it's not a food post, but a crafty one.
I may or may not have fallen into Knit/Purl yesterday afternoon, and a bit of delectable sock yarn may or may not have followed me home.
(Excessive fondling of this beautiful yarn, however, is definitely occuring.)

I also picked up the special anniversary issue of VK (their website's broken, so no links today).
First, may I just say: I have the girl crush on Miss Lily Chin.
(Yes, I have met LC, and no, I'm not just a weirdo stalker.) But her article on choosing projects and making good decisions about fit is pure dee gold. Love it; highly recommend picking up the ish for that alone.

But I also dug the "behind the scenes of VK" story and the interview with knittings "old guard."
Seriously, I don't know how Trisha Malcolm was able to form sentences while talking with that brain trust. All I'd have been able to do was sit there going "ummmm...."
Honestly, that group's forgotten more about knitting than I've ever known.

And, as always, I did find some things I dig amongst the new stuff (Again, LC brings it with the lace dress, and there are a couple of things by Mari Lynn Patrick that are moving me) and the revisited stuff is like seeing old friends (dudes! they reprinted the Map Sweater *and* the Enchanted Forest. Even if you never wear it, these are so neat to knit).

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