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Thursday, September 01, 2005

In A Lighter Vein

There is nothing I can say that would be even remotely adequate to express my despair and upset over the devastation of New Orleans. It has always been "on my list" - you know, that list of things you'll do and places you'll go when you have enough time/money/etc.
As a confirmed foodie, NoLa was always, always a Mecca for me. Cafe au lait, proper beignets and a dinner at Commander's Palace or Dookie Chase's were all part of the plan.
So I will donate what I can and encourage y'all to to do the same if you can.
(I can't get through to the Red Cross web site, but we are taking donations at our stores - if you live near one you can donate in increments of $2 and $5).

In a definitely lighter, though somewhat irrelevant vein - or perhaps not; the tales of looting have saddened and shocked me even further - my sister's discovered what may be the perfect punishment.
Hmmph. Bet he won't do it again...


  • I also feel absolutely horrified with what has happened in the Gulf Coast area- it's really difficult for me to just imagine an entire city broken and abandoned. Perhaps one day those of us who haven't, will be able to visit New Orleans. About the looting though, I'm thinking if i'm stuck in a flooded city, with no food, water or electricity, I'd probably do the same. I think most of what's stolen isn't shoes and electronics...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:32 PM  

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