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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colonial One

Celebrating the little munchkin's b-day today, so busy busy busy getting things ready.

In the meanwhile, here's some house pics to distract you. These are from before we bought it, so they are empty:
Um, yeah. Colonial my, eyeballs.

Living room. Gorgeous, gorgeous light in here.

Other end of the living room, which is kinda long and skinny; we're currently using this as our library area.

The kitchen, which you've seen before. It's an eat-in, and I think it needs just a bit more separation than that. I have a plan...

The first floor bathroom. While sorely lacking in style, it does have an adorable clawfoot tub. They are fiendishly impractical for all but the most fit people -- ever try getting out of one of these suckers? -- but I am a huge, huge fan. This is probably the easiest room to finish: it needs accessories, tile around the tub, new floor and window trim.

More later...

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