The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Prepping submissions for my favorite mags.  

During this process, I talk to myself quite a bit, planning how a design would fit, working through how it should be knit, refining the details, etc. 
Of course, it doesn't always pan out. 

Day 1: I've been thinking about a particular sweater. It's a style I love, and I own several versions thereof. Decide to swatch for one.
Days 2-3: Let the idea percolate for a few days. Knit other swatches, cart baby around to all her activities, think occasionally about how much better life would be with this garment in wardrobe.
Days 4-5: Idea comes more into focus: Garment must be really cozy, but not sloppy; yarn choice is critical. Realize there's that one stitch pattern I always mean to use for something and never do. Resolve to swatch ASAP. 
Days 6-7: Visit yarn shop. Look for yarn, but don't find the one you want. Go back to giant monster stash and find suitable sub.
Day 8: Stay up late knitting swatch. Be very pleased: this will make a very nice garment. 
Day 8.5: Re examine swatch. Still pleased, but realize something is not..quite..right. Put away and go to bed. 
Day 9: Wonder why, with dedicated night owls for parents, babe insists on wakng at crack of dawn. Struggle vainly to sleep in. Give up when babe starts growling like the dog.
Day 9.25: Check magazine stash. Realize "new" idea is essentially same as the cover of issue from two years ago. Sigh dramatically. Rip swatch; try again.    

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